Montana's Shooting Range Grant Program provides funding to shooting clubs, organizations, local governments and school districts to build and improve public shooting ranges throughout the state.

An applicant for a grant shall provide matching funds in either cash or in-kind contributions. The match must represent $1 in value for each $1 of the grant. In-kind contributions include but are not limited to labor, materials, and real property. Existing assets and existing shooting range development may not apply to the match.

An applicant that is a private shooting club or a private organization must be a nonprofit corporation pursuant to Title 35, chapter 2, with an organizational structure, officers, directors, and a registered agent.

A grant must be used for the purchase of real property, earthwork, fixed improvements to existing shooting ranges or ranges being established, or reasonable grant application expenses. A grant may not be used for any expendable supplies for a shooting range.

The application deadline is February 1, annually


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