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Grant Gopher

     New grants open up for application every day -


      Your organization may be missing out on funding opportunities!

Are you...

  Spending countless hours searching for available grants?

  Frustrated when you find out about grants after the application period has closed?

  Tired of spending more time looking for grants than actually applying for them?

  Interested in available funding from often overlooked and less competitive sources?


Grant Gopher simplifies your research by showing you who is accepting grant applications right now. 

for United States based organizations only






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Weekly News including some of the latest available grants  

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View full details for the first 5 grants in your search results.  

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Unlimited Database Search

Find out who is accepting applications right now!

Includes private foundations, community foundations, corporations, federal, state, county, and city programs.  

Also includes local grant opportunities such as service clubs, that are less competitive.

Similar services cost $45 and up per month, and do not include all these funding sources.  

We help you manage your resources wisely!


Grant Alert Emails 

Be notified when new grants matching your saved searches are accepting applications. 

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Search Results Organized in Order of Application Deadline Date  

Grant Research Requests 

Can't find what you're looking for?  Just let us know and we go to work!

Grant Gopher is a feature-rich, budget-conscious choice for your grant research needs.

Proudly serving nonprofit organizations, schools, and municipalities!  

ONLY $9/month

Get 1 month free with the $99 annual membership



"Did I tell you Misfit Acres got the Minnesota Tom's of Maine 50 States of Good grant?"  

- Jody Thisted, Misfit Acres (news article

"Really love Grant Gopher. Keep up the awesome work. You have been a godsend."  

- Becky Risler, Prairie Paws 

"I love my membership!  Thanks for all the help finding those small family foundations!  It has paid off!"  

- Rachel Mason, Grant Development Professional 

Thank you.  I have found subscribing to Grant Gopher the most valuable subscription I have.

- Terry Masters, Waters for Ishmael 


"I love your service, and whenever I teach a grant writing class I recommend it.  For the price, I have been amazed at what I have uncovered using your database.....Keep up the great work."

- Amy Thornton, Grant Writer

"After having a chance to try the Grant Gopher website it was easy to use and affordable.  The Grant Gopher is just what I need when searching for grants that meet specific needs.  Knowing that staff are available to offer their assistance, and having e-mails to alert me about new grants is very convenient.  As a grant proposal writer, Grant Gopher is a valued service."

- Theresa Smith, Grant Writer

" I love you guys so much I get excited when I see your emails in my inbox! Thank you for all the leads and all you do!"  

- Mari-Louise Roche Guernsey, volunteer grant writer for Animal Rescues

" Just wanted to let you know, we've received three grants (over $25,000!) for our youth activity center.  We wouldn't have even known about any of these without your handy emails.  Thanks so much."  

- Claire Melton, R.I. Youth Center

" I love this site!  Now, instead of spending all my time LOOKING for grants, I can spend my time actually WRITING them!  What a time saver!  I've already applied for three grants received from this site and just found two more!  Thanks for providing such a valuable service to needy nonprofits Grant Gopher!

- Sandi Petee, SSHS Pets

" I can't believe all these opportunities have been under our nose all along.

- Brian Lake, SCV Boys & Girls

" Wow!  I immediately found 184 funders for our animal rescue group.  I appreciate the customer care too - excellent service :) "

- Jamie Hudson, Serenity Park Sanctuary

GrantGopher.com is also featured as a recommended resource in books, including:

  • 10K Fundraising by Sandy Rees
  • Build Your Dreams: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love by Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin
  • The Essential Fundraising Guide for K-12 Schools by Stan Levinson