Great Outdoors Colorado accepts applications for the following grant programs:

Local Government Park and Outdoor Recreation Grants to help construct and enhance community parks, outdoor recreation amenities and environmental education facilities. This program includes Mini Grants for smaller projects costing $60,000 or less.

Open Space Grants to help preserve Colorado’s open spaces, including land along river corridors, urban parcels, agricultural lands and wildlife habitat.

Planning Grants to help develop strategic plans that create, protect and enhance open space, wildlife habitat, parks and trails.

Trails Grants offered annually through the Colorado State Trails Program to develop recreational trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding and other non-motorized activities.

Conservation Excellence Grants to improve and expand capacity at organizations working in land conservation.

Great Outdoors Colorado-funded projects increase outdoor recreation opportunities in Colorado, preserve open spaces, protect and manage wildlife, and enhance state parks. The types of projects GOCO funds include:

Athletic fields
Pavilions and shade structures
Picnic areas
Skate parks
Outdoor swimming pools
Disc golf courses
Whitewater parks
Fishing piers
Land acquisitions for future outdoor recreation facilities
Outdoor classrooms and natural areas to be used for environmental education
Non-game wildlife habitat preservation
Protection of urban open-space parcels
Land preservation along river corridors
Agricultural land
Camping facility improvements at state parks
Species protection and wildlife education
Master plans for outdoor parks and recreation, trails, or site-specific plans

Entities eligible to receive GOCO grants include:

* Cities
* Counties
* Title 32 special districts with parks and recreation authority
* Non-profit land conservation organizations
* Political subdivisions of the state
* Colorado Parks and Wildlife

School districts, community groups, foundations, and nonprofit organizations (other than land conservation orgs) are not eligible to apply.

Grants are offered twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Applications for the spring grant cycle are typically due in March, with grant decisions made by the GOCO Board in June; applications for the fall cycle are typically due in August, with decisions made in December.

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