Mycological Research and Education Grants

The Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation makes grants through the Stuntz Mycology Fund (SMF) to provide financial support for mycological research and education in the Pacific Northwest. 


Although a wide range of mycological subjects can be considered, priority will be given to projects involving mushroom-forming fungi ("macrofungi," "macromycetes"), as they were the focus of Dr. Stuntz's research. Applicants do not necessarily have to reside in the Pacific Northwest as long as the research involves or pertains to Pacific Northwest fungi or the educational activity takes place in the Pacific Northwest and benefits the Pacific Northwest mycological community.

For purposes of the SMF grant program, the Pacific Northwest is considered to comprise Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana, southern British Columbia, and southeast and south-coastal Alaska. SMF favorably views projects that have obtained (or will obtain) matching (or greater) funding from other sources.


There are four categories of grant - Mini, Small, Individual, and Institutional


Application deadlines are March 1 and October 1, annually.


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