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The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is accepting grant applications for law enforcement agencies to investigate violations and enforce laws relating to unlawful gambling in the Commonwealth can be submitted for review.

Funding is available to local police departments, county or city district attorneys, and under certain conditions the Pennsylvania State Police. In addition, any multi-jurisdiction law enforcement group composed of any of those agencies is eligible.

Grant money can be used for the identification, prevention, deterrence, enforcement, investigation or prosecution of activities involving any form of unlawful gaming in the Commonwealth.

If approved, law enforcement can use the grants for:

* Attending education and training events sponsored by authoritative agencies for the purpose of training officers, investigators or attorneys in techniques appropriate to the enforcement and prevention of unlawful gambling in the Commonwealth;

* Conducting programs that utilize proven methods to deter or prevent unlawful gambling;

* Defraying costs related to assigning officers or investigators to prevent, deter, enforce or investigate unlawful gambling, and the costs of prosecuting crimes involving unlawful gambling;

* Funding other prevention and enforcement programs that address prevention and enforcement of unlawful gambling within the Commonwealth.

The application deadline is January 21, 2020


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