The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice is accepting applications to the Community-based Juvenile Services Aid Program.

Community plans shall:
  • Provide relevant county/tribe-level data, including but not limited to, types of data listed within the community planning resources that support the existence of the problem that the planning team will address; 
  • Identify clearly defined community priorities of the community planning team, that includes defining a problem, or set of problems, that affects juveniles at risk or those already involved in the criminal justice system;
  • Identify programs and practices for addressing the community’s priorities. Such programs and practices shall be supported by evidence-based practice, research, or are standardized and have reliably demonstrated positive outcomes in other areas of juvenile services; 
  • Identify clear implementation strategies; and 
  • Identify how the impact of the program or service will be measured in alignment with evidence-based practices or research.

The application deadline is December 20, 2023


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