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The Promise Fund is an endowment fund with the DeKalb County Community Foundation, which invests gifts and makes annual distributions to charitable and community organizations that provide services to immigrant and underserved populations within DeKalb County. The Promise Fund was developed to inspire the community to help make a difference for those underserved in DeKalb County.

1. Agencies operating as a 501 (c) 3 / non profit entity in DeKalb County, specifically those agencies serving an underserved population with specific or one-time needs.
2. School Districts, schools or education facilities
3. Churches and church-related groups if proposed program is not religious in nature and does not require a religious commitment to participate

Proposed projects will be reviewed on the basis of the following priorities:
* Increasing participation of underserved population in the center of community life
* Developing leadership in marginalized populations
* Increasing understanding and tolerance
* Raising educational levels and enhancing the quality of life
* Strengthen churches and other social institutions with the capacity to transform community perspectives



The application deadline is around November 1, annually



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