Human Service Program Grants

The Viking Foundation of Lincoln is accepting grant applications from  501(c)(3) organizations in Lancaster County, Nebraska; Polk County, Iowa; and Denver County, Colorado. The grants will be for those who are challenged with education, poverty, housing, gender, mental and physical health, and other issues.

The following examples illustrate the types of programs that the foundation is interested in funding:

• A family needing a new furnace identified through a Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

• A YWCA needing to employ a summer intern to manage its “Learn to Fish” program for young girls.

• Helping to buy a delivery van for a local food bank.

• A grant to pay for physical therapy for an injured family breadwinner through a vocational rehabilitation agency.

• Developing a child care program for high school age parents in a public school.

• Supporting an occupational training program for mentally- or physically-challenged youths.

• Providing respite care for a family caring for an ALS patient.

• Stocking new children’s books in a library branch.

The application deadline is October 1, annually

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