Healthcare Program Grants Available in California

California Healthcare Foundation accepts inquiries on an ongoing basis. Those who wish to submit an unsolicited request for funding to the Foundation begin the process by providing a letter of inquiry (LOI) to CHCF Grants Administration via email.

A letter of inquiry should be one to three pages long and include:

1. A brief description of the proposed project;
2. A description of how the project fits with the programmatic work of the Foundation, including under which program objective it fits;
3. An estimated timeline;
4. The amount requested; and
5. Contact information.

LOIs are accepted on a rolling basis and are generally responded to within six to eight weeks. Upon review, program staff may request a full proposal for further consideration.

Applicants are encouraged to review the goals, objectives, and key initiatives for each of the Foundation’s programs, Better Chronic Disease Care, Innovations for the Underserved, Market & Policy Monitor, and Health Reform and Public Programs Initiative, as well as its previously awarded grants before submitting an LOI so to ensure that their request is aligned with the Foundation’s work.


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