Grants for Youth Programs in Michigan

The Hillsdale County Community Foundation accepts applications semi-annually for YOUTH grants.  

The HCCF YOUTH are interested in funding projectors that will improve the quality of life for the young people of Hillsdale County. Eligible projects fall within these categories: education, fine arts, social services, community development, recreation, environmental issues, health and wellness, and improvement in the physical, mental and moral conditions of Hillsdale County young people.

The foundation seeks to support creative approaches to community needs and problems that benefit the widest possible range of people. The YOUTH have an ongoing survey program for studying the assets, needs and concerns of the young people of Hillsdale County.

Eligible applicants must be Section 501(c)(3) organizations. Grant requests must include youth in the planning and implementation of the project. The application must be filled out by the youth of the applying organization, with the only exception being a project involving very young children.

The application deadlines are April 1 and November 1, annually.


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