The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is accepting applications to the No Child Left Inside grant program.

The program aims to support and increase efforts to expand programming that connects youth to the outdoors. Funded by the 2019 Minnesota Legislature, these grants are provided for “outdoor environmental, ecological, and other natural-resource-based education and recreation programs serving youth.”

The 2024 grants will consist of two types of grant awards — mini grants and larger grants. Applicants must choose only one.

Mini Grants
Mini grants, with awards between $500-$5,000, will include a simple application and projects with smaller scope. Eligible projects will be entered into a lottery, and awards granted randomly on a regionally-balanced statewide basis.

Larger Grants
Larger grants have awards between $5,001-$25,000 and will include a more extensive application process and greater project scope. Eligible projects will be competitively reviewed and awarded statewide on a per capita basis.

The application deadline is December 12, 2023


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