The Cedar Valley Sports Commission accepts grant requests for sports-related projects and events that bring visitors to the Cedar Valley. This program is designed to stimulate development, interest, and participation in events and projects within the Cedar Valley.

Only items falling under the following categories may be eligible for receiving funding from the Cedar Valley Sports Commission.
• Event/Project Marketing
      o Must be purchased in markets 100+ miles away from Waterloo/Cedar Falls
      o May be print, electronic, or billboard.
• Direct Mail Campaign Expenses
      o Including development, printing, and postage
• Printed Materials
      o Pre-Event collateral pieces that promote participation in the project/event
• Capital improvements. Applicants should show how the improvements will directly further the mission of the Commission and have a lasting effect on the communities.
• Travel or other Industry Shows
• Bid or guarantee money for events or tournaments
• Event prize money used to attract participants
• Equipment purchase and rental (lights, etc)
      o Equipment must be that which will directly affect the organization’s ability to host a
tournament that will bring in visitors to the community.
• Honorariums for individuals (referees, officials, etc.) specifically engaged in the event.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, and should be submitted 90 days prior to the event.



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