Grants for Programs in the Arts, Alternative Health, and Environment

The Dr. Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation has been formed to continue the vision and legacy of its founders. Their vision of a “wholistic” life, lived synergistically with nature and the environment, in which all people can breathe clean air, eat wholesome organic food, and be exposed to the wonders of music, dance and literature, continues in the Foundation.

The Foundation will support a broad spectrum of causes which support the environment, alternative health care and the arts. The Foundation is particularly interested in funding educational projects which bring an awareness of the environment, alternative health care and the arts to those who are underserved, particularly to young people.

Organizations seeking support from the Foundation should submit the following:
1. Detailed description of the mission of the organization and services which it provides.
2. Description of the project/program for which funding is sought.
3. Total budget for the project/program.
4. Timing for project/program.
5. Copy of IRS Form 990-PF
6. Copy of audited financial statements.
7. Copy of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status letter from the IRS.


Applications may be submitted any time during the year

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