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The Credit Union Foundation of the Dakotas (NCUF Partner) is accepting applications from community organizations and credit unions affiliated with The Credit Union Association of the Dakotas.

The Credit Union Foundation of the Dakotas funds projects in the areas of access to financial services, financial education, savings and asset accumulation, and small credit union development. Those interested in applying must meet the following criteria:

Funds may be used for the following purposes:
* Education of credit union employees and volunteers;
* Public education initiatives related to consumer finance;
* Projects and programs that support new, small or community development credit unions;
* Enhancement to League/Association projects funded by other sources that are consistent with the Foundation’s mission and purposes;
* Programs or projects that extend credit union services to the full range of membership, with emphasis on the un-served, underserved or “low-income” consumers;
* Affordable housing projects;
* Disaster relief;
* Partnerships that provide services or carry out projects consistent with the Foundation’s mission and purposes; and
* Other purposes consistent with the Foundation’s 501(c) (3) mission and purpose.
* Solicit endorsement and/or funding from at least one local credit union or credit union related supporter.
* Be able to leverage funds from other community, philanthropic, government or other sources to maximize benefit and ensure sustainability at the conclusion of funding from this grant.
* Obtain letters confirming in kind support or funding commitments from partners both within and outside the credit union movement.
* Have tangible, achievable goals and objectives.

Quarterly deadlines for the Credit Union Foundation of the Dakotas grant applications will be the last day of the quarter (March 31st – June 30th – September 30th – December 31st).

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