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The Greater Salina Community Foundation is accepting grant applications to the Fund for Greater Salina, an unrestricted community grant fund. Applications are not limited to a particular issue or target population.

Fund for Greater Salina grants will be awarded to selected non-profit organizations, or individuals or groups with a charitable project that will benefit those in Saline County.

Funding types include:
* Project or program support - supports specific projects or programs that are often linked to an organization’s service.

* Operating or general support - supports the work of an organization from administrative expenses to program costs.

* Endowments - a permanent gift to be invested to provide income for continued support for an organization.

* Seed money - to establish or initiate a new project, program or organization. Seed money can cover salaries and other operating expenses of a new project (also known as start up funds).

* Capacity building - activities that strengthen an organization and help it fulfill its mission either through staff and equipment, new building or renovation, public actions, training and

* Capital - supports construction or renovation of a facility

The application period runs from July 1 to April 25 and applications may be submitted any time during that period.

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