Grants for Nonprofits to Address Community Needs in New York

Lake Shore Savings Bank accepts grant applications twice annually for projects and programs representing innovative, efficient approaches to serving community needs.

Priority will be given to requests which will assist those citizens whose needs are not met by existing programs or services. Priority will also be given to projects and activities that expect to test or demonstrate new approaches and techniques in the solutions of community problems.

Special projects that are sponsored by educational or religious institutions will be considered only if they benefit the community as a whole.

Careful consideration will be given to the commitment and composition of the requesting organization's board, officers, and project leaders. The organization must be able to show that they have the fiscal responsibility, management qualifications and the ability to complete, deliver or provide the services or programs for which the contribution is requested.

Eligible applicants are organizations whose activities or programs directly benefit Chautauqua and Erie County. If the organization is not physically located in Lake Shore Saving's service area, the contributions received from the Community Reinvestment Fund must be earmarked for local programs and activities.

Grant applications are due on either June 1st or December 1st. Applicants will be notified by the first of the following month (July and January respectively) and payments will be made on the 15th of that month.


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