The Wisconsin Arts Board is accepting applications for the Woodland Indian Arts Initiative.

The Woodland Indian Arts Initiative (WIAI) is designed to promote and develop a foundation of cultural and economic support for traditional and contemporary Native American arts in Wisconsin. Its goal is to strengthen Native arts in Wisconsin for the long term. As part of this work, the Wisconsin Arts Board annually distributes funds from Gaming Compact monies to support artistic activities among Wisconsin’s tribes, bands and urban Indian communities.

Funding priority goes to activities that work to build a long-term structure of support for Native arts in Wisconsin. These include but are not limited to:
  • Professional arts administration positions in support of Native arts,
  • Documentation of arts activities and cultural knowledge in Wisconsin’s Native communities,
  • Technical assistance and professional development to Native artists and arts organizations,
  • Presentation and promotion of Wisconsin’s Native artists through festivals, markets, exhibitions, various media and other forms of presentation, and
  • Planning grants in preparation for any of the above.

The application deadline is November 2, 2023


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