Grants for Humanities Programs in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Humanities Council accepts applications to the Major Grants program quarterly.

Grants are awarded to support public humanities programs across the state.

The proposed program must qualify as a humanities program. Public humanities programs bring the insights and methods of the humanities disciplines – for example, history, literature, philosophy, or cultural studies – to analytically explore a topic. Successful applicants will demonstrate how their program's design will interpret or explore a chosen topic or issue to encourage participants to learn more about the subject.   

The project must involve at least one individual with scholarly expertise in the program’s subject matter who will play an active role in the project’s development and execution. An individual's expertise may result from an advanced academic degree (MA, PhD, or J.D.) in a relevant field or come from serving as the keeper of community traditions and knowledge. Examples of scholars include but are not limited to tribal elders or historians, advanced graduate students, or a professor at a university. 


The next draft deadline is September 15, 2024


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