Grants for Health Programs in Virginia


The Williamsburg Health Foundation accepts letters of inquiry to the Responsive grant cycle semi-annually. Any organization meeting the basic requirements can apply for a Responsive Grant.

The Foundation has a strategic plan with three primary goals. Funding areas under each goal are available in the Strategic Plan Goals section on the application page.
1. Advance organizations, systems, and public policy crusial to community heatlh and well-being.
2. Target behavioral and social risk factors that influence the heatlh of individuals throughout the lifespan.

3. Strengthen the heatlhcare safety-net for unisured and underinsured indivduals.


2024 Deadlines
Cycle 1
Letter of inquiry will be accepted from February 12 - March 15
Invited applications are due by April 19

Cycle 2
Letter of inquiry will be accepted from July 26 - September 6
Invited applications are due by October 11

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