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The MBF Center Fund managed by The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. is accepting grant applications from non-profit organizations providing programs for adult individuals with disabilities to prepare for, achieve and maintain employment in the community. 

Eligible applicants must serve consumers in Montgomery County and have a proven track record of success in 3 areas: preparation, achievement and maintenance of employment. In addition the non-profit must be in good financial health. Organizations with truly collaborative projects are encouraged to apply.

Important criteria for applications:
* Do not duplicate existing programs and services;
* Empower the disadvantaged or underserved;
* Are collaborative in nature;
* Have potential to become long-term solutions to existing or emerging social issues;
* Respect and embrace the diversity of the Foundation's service area while working for the overall good of the community;
* Directly benefit the citizens of Montgomery County;
* DETAIL Measurable and Achievable outcomes;
* DEMONSTRATE other sources of support, committed and potential;
* Are SUSTAINABLE after the funding period.

The application deadline is May 3, 2019

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