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South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks - Recreational Trails^

Randy Kittle, Program Manager
(605) 773-3391
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
523 E. Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
  • Recreation, Sports, Youth Sports
  • South Dakota
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April 5, 2024

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks is accepting applications to the Recreational Trails Program, a federal aid assistance program to help states provide and maintain recreational trails for both motorized and non-motorized trail use.

The program provides reimbursement funds for all kinds of recreational trail uses including, but not limited to:
* Pedestrian use 
* Bicycling 
* In-line skating 
* Equestrian use 
* Cross-country skiing 
* Off road motorcycles 
* OHV & UTV riding 
* Four wheeling 
* Snowmobiling

The RTP will fund a variety of trail projects from the following seven categories: 

* Maintenance and Restoration: This category broadly authorizes any kind of trail maintenance, restoration, rehabilitation, or relocation, including trail bridges and signs. 

* Trailside and Trailhead Facilities: This category broadly authorizes the development or rehabilitation of trailside and trailhead facilities. “Rehabilitation” means extensive repair needed to bring a facility up to standards suitable for public use, not routine maintenance. Trailside and trailhead facilities should have a direct relationship with a recreational trail. For example, a highway rest area or visitor center is not an appropriate use of RTP funds.

* Trail Construction Equipment: This category broadly authorizes the purchase and lease of trail construction, maintenance, or assessment equipment including lawn mowers and trail grooming machines. The equipment must be used primarily to construct, maintain, or assess recreational trails. This provision does not authorize equipment for purposes unrelated to trails. For example, a lawn mower purchased under the RTP must be used primarily for trail and trailside maintenance, not to maintain open lawn areas or sport fields. 

* New Recreational Trail Construction: This category broadly authorizes any kind of new trail construction, including trail bridges and signs, except for limits on new trails located on federal lands. For projects on federal lands, the most important requirement is that the federal agency land manager must approve the project in accordance with other applicable federal laws and regulations. 

* Land or Easement Acquisition: This category authorizes purchases of trail easements across private property and property acquisition for trail corridors or trail systems, including areas intended for future trail development. Acquisition may include purchase and relocation of old road or railroad bridges. Easements or property acquired should correspond to the land necessary for a useful trail corridor or trail system. RTP funds should not be used to acquire easements or land for parks or conservation areas that will not have recreational trails. The program prohibits condemnation of any kind of interest in property under the principles of eminent domain. Acquisition of any kind of interest in property must be from a willing landowner or seller. 

* Trail Accessibility Assessment: This category authorizes specific projects to assess trails to determine the level of accessibility for people who have disabilities, to develop programs to provide trail access information, and to assess trails for current or future maintenance needs. 

* Educational Projects: This category authorizes development and dissemination of publications and operation of educational programs to promote safety and environmental protection. Typical education projects may include: trail safety education programs; trail-related environmental education programs; training on trail accessibility and sustainability; trailrelated educational materials; trail patrols (non-law enforcement); training that promotes safety or environmental protection related to recreational trails.

The program provides up to 80% reimbursement funds.

Grants are provided to private, non-profit organizations, municipal agencies, state agencies, federal agencies and other governmental entities.

Grant information was last reviewed by our staff on 2/7/2024

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