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Public Welfare Foundation*

1200 U Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
  • Z Archive September
  • Colorado
  • Dist. Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • Wisconsin
  • Nationwide
  • Hinds
  • Milwaukee
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September 30, 2022

The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to ensure fundamental rights and opportunities for people in need. They look for carefully defined points where their funds can make a difference in bringing about systemic changes that can improve lives. They focus on Criminal Justice and Youth Justice.

Criminal Justice
  • Sentencing Reform
  • Community Reinvestment

Youth Justice
  • Closing Youth Prisons
  • Racial Disparities
  • Raising the Age

Current focus areas include:
  • Organizations developing innovative, transformative approaches to youth and adult criminal justice reform in: Oklahoma; Michigan; Georgia; Colorado; Louisiana; Jackson, Mississippi; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Washington, DC.
  • Organizations and projects focused on investing in community-based solutions that reduce the over-reliance on mass incarceration
  • Reframing the narrative and fostering greater transparency and urgency around the U.S. criminal justice system through storytelling, journalism and other targeted efforts.

For Fiscal Year 2023, in addition to the core strategies listed above, Public Welfare is exploring investments in the following areas:
  • Organizations and projects with a focus on dismantling the incarceration of women and women-aligned people.
  • Organizations, projects, or special initiatives with a focus on reducing harm and violence using community-centered interventions.
  • Organizations or projects with a focus on supporting the development of formerly incarcerated and justice-impacted leaders in the field.

Additional keywords: re-entry, reentry

The first step in the application process is the submission of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). The LOI may be submitted at any time.

Grant information was last reviewed by our staff on 9/2/2023 - the LOI period is now closed for FY2023; expected to reopen in the fall. Placed in September for anticipated opening period.

  • Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
  • Crime, Legal Related
  • Employment, Economic Development, Job Related and Business Grants

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