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Maryland Legal Services Corporation*

15 Charles Plaza, Suite 102
Baltimore MD 21201
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March 15, 2023

Maryland Legal Services Corporation is accepting grant applications for civil legal services to low-income persons.

Grants are made to help provide services for Maryland’s families in areas of family, housing, consumer, employment, health care and other civil legal matters.

Eligible organization types include:
  • General-purpose legal services programs
  • Special-purpose legal services programs, such as those focusing on housing issues or serving victims of domestic violence
  • Multi-purpose organizations having a legal services component, such as a law school that has a program for representing persons with disabilities
  • Legal services support centers that provide training and backup services to other organizations involved in direct legal representation

With respect to each of these organizations, MLSC is primarily interested in those services and activities that are related to delivery of civil legal services to low-income people. "Legal services" are defined broadly to include:
  • Direct representation by lawyers and paralegals (staff, pro bono or reduced-fee)
  • Law-related activities designed to broadly serve low income people, such as community education programs designed to inform people of their legal rights regarding a particular issue, or training in the low-income community on how to handle simple matters pro se in Small Claims Court
  • Activities required to support those direct services such as legal work supervision, secretarial and clerical support, training, research, program administration and development, and other activities necessary to ensure the delivery of quality legal services

Information Session
The session is scheduled for January 26 at 10:00 am.

New applicants should contact MLSC BEFORE beginning an application. If the proposed program appears to fit grant guidelines, MLSC will request a formal application.

Grant information was last reviewed by our staff on 4/17/2023
  • Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
  • Crime, Legal Related
  • Housing, Shelter
  • Human Services - Multipurpose and Other
  • Social Science Research Institutes, Services

Application Link
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