Grant Details

City of Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification
  • Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition
  • Health
  • Community Improvement, Capacity Building
  • Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other
  • Arizona
  • Coconino
Maximum Grant Amount
September 30, 2022

The City of Flagstaff will begin accepting applications for the Neighborhood Sustainability Grants Program on September 1. The program was created by the Sustainability Commission to support projects that enhance community and promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

Grants are available to groups or individuals who are planning sustainability related projects within Flagstaff city limits. Individuals, groups of individuals, community groups, educational groups, and not-for-profit organizations (501 C-3) whose projects are within Flagstaff city limits are eligible to apply.

The Sustainability Commission is seeking projects in the following five categories. Criteria for each category is included as follows to provide guidance, and will be used in grant evaluations. The best projects will meet all three criteria.

  • Improve access to and education on healthy, sustainably-grown food including gardens and backyard livestock.
  • Increase food recovery efforts that redirect access food to food insecure populations.
  • Increase pollinator habitat.

  • Educate and promote proper recycling and waste prevention behavior.
  • Increase recycling and composting opportunities and infrastructure.
  • Increase access to sharing economy and reuse opportunities.

Climate Action
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use in buildings, transportation, or consumption.
  • Educate participants or community members on impacts of climate change in Flagstaff.
  • Encourage participants or community members to take local climate action through behavior change or community actions.

  • Provide learning opportunities for community members on resilience and adaptation concepts.
  • Provide opportunities for community members to connect with each other, and/or share knowledge and skill sets.
  • Strengthen community systems, improving community preparation for or response to extreme weather, economic uncertainty, natural disasters, or other events.

Building Energy
  • Educates and promotes the conservation of energy in buildings.
  • Increases access to clean energy in community buildings
  • Reduces building energy use

Public Health
  • Educates community members on public health as it relates to environmental issues
  • Increases accessibility to public health resources
  • Improves social environmental conditions in ways that are likely to result in improved public health, or improved preparation against public health emergencies.

  • Educates community members on how to walk, bike, roll and take transit more often
  • Increases access to walking, biking, rolling, and transit options
  • Improves neighborhood mobility or transportation systems

Grant information was last reviewed by our staff on 1/26/2022

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