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Foundation for the Future of Delaware County

Angie Wille
  • Youth Development, Youth Programs
  • Arts, Culture and Humanities including Library, Museum and Historical Society Grants
  • Education
  • Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification
  • Health
  • Mental Health, Crisis Intervention
  • Housing, Shelter
  • Human Services - Multipurpose and Other
  • Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
  • Community Improvement, Capacity Building
  • Iowa
  • Delaware
Maximum Grant Amount
not specified
January 31, 2022

The Foundation for the Future of Delaware County (FFDC) accepts grant applications annually, from December 1 to January 31. Giving is for organizations in Delaware County.

Grants are awarded in the areas of Health and Human Services, Education, Neighborhoods and Community Development, the Environment, Children, Youth, and Families, and Arts and Culture, including historic preservation.

1. Health & Human Services - Encompasses social service projects that benefit the underserved segments of the community.
For example, issues of homelessness, health care, hunger, poverty, and the elderly.
o Empower the underserved to seek solutions
o Promote self-sufficiency
o Programs that focus on long-term approaches to issues
o Provide independence to the elderly and/or to persons with disabilities
o Improve access to health care
o Strengthen the capacity of human service organizations to serve their constituencies

2. Education - Encompasses community education projects that serve all age groups and segments of the population.
o Increase literacy and basic skills development
o Develop efforts that address the needs of students who are most at-risk for dropping out of school or not enrolled
o Promote inclusiveness and diversity
o Provide creative approaches to improvement of our educational system.

3. Neighborhoods and Community Development - Programs that address community and neighborhood development, both social and economic.
o Encourage community responsibility for solving community problems
o Develop leadership opportunities for youth, minorities and the economically disadvantaged
o Benefit the community’s low- and moderate-income population
o Ensure equal-opportunity in housing, services, and economic opportunity
o Build capacity for non-profits and neighborhood organizations

4. Our Environment - Programs that address natural resources and environment
o Enhance awareness of regional environmental issues
o Encourage responsible stewardship and conservation of our natural resources

5. Children, Youth & Families - Programs that enhance the quality of life for children and youth through opportunities to enhance their intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development.
o Support models that encourage an alliance of shared responsibility and coordination of resources among schools, parents and community-based organizations
o Enhance life options of youth through such means as improved basic skills and development of work, life management, and leadership development skills; and reduction of risk-taking behaviors.
o Support efforts to enhance parental understanding of strategies they can use to improve the educational attainment of their children.

6. Arts and Culture, including historic preservation - Programs that increase access to and awareness of arts and culture.
o Encourage participation and heighten awareness in the arts and culture among underserved populations.
o Increase public exposure to and appreciation of different ethnic and cultural art forms.
o Support efforts that encourage life-long learning experiences.
o Support efforts to preserve the history of Delaware County

Eligible applicants must be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations or governmental bodies. Other nonprofits with charitable projects may also qualify but must partner with a qualified nonprofit or government body who will serve as a sponsor.

Prior grants have included city park picnic tables, park mulch replacement, school to work initiatives, adult day services, backpacks, and a Boy Scout trailer.

Grant information was last reviewed by our staff on 3/10/2021

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