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Sarasota Bay Estuary Program - Partner Grants*

Megan Barry, Public Outreach Manager
941-955-8085 ext. 2
111 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 200W
Sarasota, Florida 34236
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  • Sarasota
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March 1, 2024

The Sarasota Bay Estuary Program will begin accepting applications to the Partners Grants program on January 1.

This program promotes environmental education, community involvement, and stewardship to improve the overall quality of Sarasota Bay and its tributaries. To support these goals, funding is available from SBEP each year for local projects that focus on:
  • Habitat Restoration and Water Quality
  • Bay-Related Environmental Education and Community Stewardship.

Priority will be given to projects that treat stormwater runoff through installation of green infrastructure projects.
Example projects include:
  • Installing rain gardens and bioswales to filter runoff from parking lots, roads, and other impervious surfaces.
  • Planting trees in highly paved urban areas.
  • Diverting gutter downspouts from impervious surfaces to planter boxes, garden beds, or other permeable areas, or to rainwater harvesting systems like rain barrels and cisterns.
  • Enhancing bay, creek, or pond shorelines with Florida native plants, including installing living shorelines and vegetated buffer zones.
  • Replacing impervious areas like parking lots with pervious pavement or other sustainable solutions.

2024 Priority Issues are Nutrient Runoff and Accessibility. Projects do not have to meet a priority theme to be considered for funding. Projects that do meet either or both themes will receive an additional 5 points.

A match is not required, but is viewed favorably.

Please be aware that this is a reimbursement grant. Awardees may request reimbursement for eligible budgeted costs as often as
monthly with proper documentation of expenditures and project progress.

Non-profit organizations, schools, academic institutions, civic associations, religious organizations, neighborhood or homeowners’ associations, businesses, and local governments located in the Sarasota Bay watershed are eligible to receive funding for projects that will benefit Sarasota Bay. 

Grant information was last reviewed by our staff on 3/28/2024
  • Community Improvement, Capacity Building
  • Education
  • Environmental Quality, Protection, and Beautification
  • Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other

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