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Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice - Juvenile Services Aid*

Erin Wasserburger
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  • Nebraska
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December 20, 2023

The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice is accepting applications to the Community-based Juvenile Services Aid Program.

To be eligible for the Community-based Juvenile Services Aid Program, a three year comprehensive juvenile services community plan (community plan) shall be developed, adopted, and submitted to the Nebraska Crime Commission. The community plan must be developed by a community team representing juvenile justice system stakeholders. The community team may be comprised of individual counties, multiple counties, federal or state recognized tribes, or any combination of the listed communities.

Community plans shall:
  • Provide relevant county/tribe-level data, including but not limited to, types of data listed within the community planning resources that support the existence of the problem that the planning team will address; 
  • Identify clearly defined community priorities of the community planning team, that includes defining a problem, or set of problems, that affects juveniles at risk or those already involved in the criminal justice system;
  • Identify programs and practices for addressing the community’s priorities. Such programs and practices shall be supported by evidence-based practice, research, or are standardized and have reliably demonstrated positive outcomes in other areas of juvenile services; 
  • Identify clear implementation strategies; and 
  • Identify how the impact of the program or service will be measured in alignment with evidence-based practices or research.

Applicants are limited to individual counties, multiple counties, federal or state recognized Indian tribes, or any combination of the entities listed. These listed entities are herein referred to as communities. If two or more communities partner on a single application, there must be one community designated as the Lead County/Lead Tribe to receive and disburse grant funds. Communities may contract with private or non-profit agencies to administer programs and services with community-based funds; however, communities cannot require contracted agencies to provide the match. The Lead County/Lead Tribe is responsible for all funds and must adhere to all requirements and contingencies as outlined by the Nebraska Crime Commission.

Grant information was last reviewed by our staff on 12/21/2023
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  • Youth Development, Youth Programs

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