The Colcom Foundation focuses its philanthropic program on environmental sustainability, natural resource preservation, land and water conservation, and efforts to establish a sustainable population.

National Interests
Colcom Foundation gives priority to national organizations that acknowledge the impact of human population growth on U. S. environmental sustainability, natural resource depletion, and land and watershed degradation.

Grant applications will be accepted only by invitation following the applicant’s submission of a Letter of Inquiry (LOI).

Instructions for an LOI:

* The LOI should address the following topics on not more than two typewritten pages: organization description, proposed program description, program objective(s), anticipated outcome, evaluation measures, projected budget, timeline, and other funding sources.

* Applicants should submit only one copy of an LOI. It should be submitted to John F. Rohe, Vice President-Philanthropy.

* A separate Letter of Inquiry must be submitted for each program.


A letter can be submitted any time during the year.


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