The Sarasota Bay Estuary Grant Program provides funding to promote environmental education, awareness, community involvement, and stewardship to improve the overall quality of Sarasota Bay and its tributaries.

Types of projects eligible for funding:

* Create a wildlife garden.
* Remove invasive species and replace them with native plants.
* Enhance an existing landscape with native plants.
* Improve and beautify an existing foot/bike trail with Bay-Friendly Landscaping.
* Micro-irrigate a Florida-Friendly landscape.
* Enhance a pond with Florida native plants.
* Improve an impacted tributary riparian habitat.
* Design and implement a targeted Bay education and stewardship program.
* Install Bay education signage.
* Put in a rain garden or bioswale.
* Retrofit a Bay-Friendly landscape.
* Educate neighbors about pet waste and distribute biodegradable doggie bags.


The application deadline is early March, annually


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