The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation accepts applications annually to the Charlottesville Area Eco-Living Fund.

The Fund aims to steer people’s daily life habits toward zero-footprint or net-positive impact on the natural world. Grant funding supports specific, concrete activities that can demonstrate quantifiable results including improve a building's performance.


Funded projects:
1) are designed not simply to improve the environmental-friendliness or sustainability of a particular building or facility, but rather to permanently change many, many buildings' performance and/or people's daily life habits to be better for the planet; and

2) have specific, concrete actions which have quantifiable results of people living and/or buildings performing more sustainably; and

3) are designed, tracked, documented, and reported in ways that they can be showcased to serve as positive change models for other organizations and communities; and

4) (bonus, particularly encouraged though not required): result in people, businesses or institutions saving money.

The application deadline is July 1, 2024


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