Community Foundation Grants in Indiana

The mission of the Ripley County Community Foundation (RCCF) is to assist donors in building an enduring source of charitable assets to benefit the citizens and qualified organizations of Ripley County.

The RCCF considers needs that generally fall into the following categories:

Community Service - To support programs related to community development; to support general community programs or projects designed to improve life in Ripley County.

Social Services - To support human service organizations, programs for children, youth, and senior citizens; to improve youth leadership and encourage positive development of youth.

Education - To address contemporary issues and needs; help children and adults with special needs; and to encourage positive educational development in Ripley County.

Health - To support community health and prevention programs.

Environment - To support environmental education and activities to enhance and maintain a good environment.

The Arts - To support programs and facilities that are designed to establish a diversified cultural program that offers widespread opportunities for participation and appreciation.

The Small Project Grant program, for awards of up to $500, is open to nonprofits serving Ripley County. 


The first Friday of March, June, September, and December.

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