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Our “Art of the Thank You” is one of the more frequently referred to articles that we haveThank You Note for the Grant written.  In this follow up, we’ll take a sample "thank you for the grant letter" and show you the eight most important components to include in your own thank you letters.  We’ve numbered and highlighted the areas in the letter that address these points so you can get an idea for how to work them into your own letters.



#1 – Send your thank you letter within 48 hours of receiving the gift



#2 – Note the amount of the gift.  This acknowledges their gift and allows the thank you letter to function as a donation receipt for their records.



#3 – Tell the donor what you are going to do with their gift (specifically).



#4 – Be sure that your letter refers to the campaign or event that prompted the donor to give.



#5 – Include an offer to visit your site for a facility tour.



#6 – Provide the name and contact information for someone within your organization that can answer the donor’s questions and facilitate a tour.



#7 – Actually sign the letter.  Do not use a rubber stamp or computer generated signature.



#8 – Include a handwritten personal note.  It can be short but should be thoughtful.




#1 [Date]  


[Address of Donor]


Dear [name]:


Thanks to you, Fluffy and his litter-mate, Bopsy, both rescued from a puppy mill, were placed in a safe and loving forever home.


#2 Thank you for your recent generous gift of [amount donated] to the Peaceful Valley Animal Shelter. Your commitment to helping abused and abandoned animals in our community is appreciated by those who help them and, most importantly, by the pups rescued from crowded, dirty conditions.


Because of our generous supporters, the Peaceful Valley Animal Shelter has provided veterinary care and no-kill shelter care to 250 dogs so far this year, where they can play, regain health and go to their forever home with a new family.


#3 Your donation will be used to spay and neuter 50 dogs in the next two months.  #4 The sterilizations are part of our Stop Overbreeding Campaign targeted toward reducing the number of unwanted purebred puppies in our community.


#5 We invite you to take a tour of our shelter facility and meet some of the precious pups as they go through their socialization and training for placement with adoptive families.  We are always delighted to show off our facility and have our supporters enjoy a little puppy play time, and even take them for a little walk.  Just let us know when you might be available.


#6 Misty Smith, our facility manager, is always available to set up a tour for you, or to answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to call her at 801-555-1212, or email her at msmith@pvas.org.


Meanwhile, we will keep you updated on the pups and our campaign through our quarterly newsletter and monthly emails.


Again, thank you for your ongoing support.





#7 Use a real signature, not a stamp or computer generated signature



Jim Brewington                                   #8 Put a personal handwritten note here
Executive Director

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