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I came across a great video yesterday (Joe Gerstandt) about being authentic, standing up and sharing your opinions and being your 'full self'.   This message coupled with a comment that someone made, I felt inspired to write today.  One of our members called the office and said something to the effect of “we love your service and have already sent in a couple grant applications but your website looks like you’re operating out of someone’s basement”.


So here’s the scoop – where I stop hiding, start waving my banner, and reveal the real philosophy driving Grant Gopher.  I know this isn’t the most flashy or sophisticated looking website; that comment wasn't a surprise to me.  Grant Gopher was not designed to dazzle your eyeballs with every graphic arts trick in the book.  Quite frankly, our team is not even trying to make it look like a slick corporate website.

I started Grant Gopher with three primary goals:

#1  To knock your socks off with an affordable service alerting you to available grants WHILE they are open for application.  This desire sprang from years of working in the nonprofit sector and knowing first hand that most organizations do not have the time or resources to stay on top of these opportunities. 

#2  Provide jobs for stay at home parents, allowing staff members to work from home with flexible hours.  We are based in a rural area where jobs, childcare, and other basic resources that most take for granted are scarce.  I also personally believe that a parent as the primary caregiver is very important to a child’s development.

#3 Facilitate an ongoing conversation between us and our readers (you!).  I want to know how we can better meet your needs in the grant research and writing arena.  We’ve received a lot great ideas so far like a library of sample grant proposals, a system that lists grant recipients, and more detailed categorization of the program funding areas.

So if you notice a punctuation blooper here or there or that our site graphics aren’t Web 2.0, well….. that’s part of the wabi sabi of Grant Gopher – celebrating  the beauty of imperfections and knowing that our work is never truly finished.  But we still look forward to jazzing up the website in the near future!

I hope you are similarly inspired to share who you are and what you stand for, not who you think the world wants you to be!

P.S.  I don’t work in the basement 

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