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Are you new to grantwriting and feeling a little overwhelmed?  These quick tips will help guide your first steps:

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I’ve always thought of writing like painting a picture, whether writing a fun creative story, an article for the local newspaper, or a grant application. These seven basic tips are core ideas that I’ve relied on for years, no matter what I’m working on. They help me start painting and cleaning up my written picture. Hopefully they’ll help you too!


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…or How We Went From Tears to a Completed Project in 30 Minutes

My eight year old son has reached the point in school where he’s expected to do some writing beyond simple question and answer sentences. Yesterday, he was supposed to write his own 4-8 line rhythmic and rhyming chant – think “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear touch the ground”. I checked in with him to make sure he understood rhythm and rhyme. He did, so I left him on his own to work on his project. He focuses too much on seeking my approval when I’m sitting next to him, so I have to go about my business and encourage him from afar.



What does this have to do with grant writing anyway? Keep reading!


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You’ve spent tens of hours painstakingly writing that grant proposal that you just knew was an absolutely perfect fit for your organization. You’ve read the instructions three times over, you’ve whittled down your budget to the bare minimum – you’ve even had it reviewed by other people and they’ve done nothing but rave about it.

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Christine contacted us for some advice.  She is the founder of a very small organization with big plans and a small budget.  She has decided to seek grant funding as a way to turn plans into action but isn't sure how she can pay for the research and writing.

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