Arts Program Grants in Minnesota

The East Central Regional Arts Council is accepting applications for the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. These grants are available for arts projects sponsored by organizations, nonprofits, and units of government located within the Region 7E service area.

This category provides support to organizations for a wide variety of larger arts projects involving the creation, sponsorship, publication, performance, and/or exhibition of art. Arts producing activities should result from the project. There is no limit on the number of grants that can be received each fiscal year, at this time, but applicants are limited to submitting one application per grant deadline. An Outcome Evaluation Plan is required for this funding program.

Examples of eligible projects:

* Performances by touring artists/companies
* Exhibitions such as visual art shows
* Local theatre productions
* Residencies involving a professional artist
* Workshops, classes, publications, films, and presentations that promote artists or participation in the arts
* Public art projects
* Art equipment, provided that an equipment use plan is submitted and approved
* Other projects providing access to the arts for community audiences


* October 1

* February 1

* April 1


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