Indiana Arts Commission is accepting applications to the Arts Organization Support (AOS) program.

This program is to support the operations of eligible year-round arts organizations that align with program priorities. Applicants that are funded in this program will be funded for two years (FY24 and FY25).

Those that are not funded in FY24 are welcome to apply to Arts Project Support the following year. The AOS program will be open every other year. 

Program Priorities
1. Support arts organizations that:
  • Have the capacity to carry out their work
  • Provide quality arts and educational activities to the public
  • Include community input in program development and delivery
  • Demonstrate commitment to IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, access)
  • Demonstrate service to those that traditionally lack access (low income, individuals with disabilities, persons of color, etc.)

2. Ensure equitable access to AOS funding by prioritizing awards to organizations:
  • With the least access to other funding opportunities due to geographic location
  • Historically excluded or marginalized defined as organizations led by and primarily serving communities that include: Black/African American, Latino (a/e), Asian and Asian American, Arab, Native American, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, North African; as well as LQBTQIA+, and people with disabilities.

The application deadline is March 9, 2023


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