The Nevada Arts Council is accepting applications for Artist Residency Express Grants. The Artist Residency Express Grant (AREx) is designed for community and educational sponsors to host short-term artist residencies (three-day limit for each residency) using an artist on one of the NAC artist rosters.

Grant amounts of up to $1200 are awarded to the sponsoring organization to support artist fees for a one to three day residency. In some cases, an artist may charge more than the grant will support or may need help with supplies, travel, or lodging expenses. It is up to the sponsor to provide the additional funds to enable the residency.

No grant match is required.

Nevada nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations and public institutions such as schools, colleges, community centers, youth organizations, museums, tribal entities, senior centers, park districts and libraries are eligible to apply. Organizations in the process of applying for nonprofit 501c3 status may apply using a Fiscal Agent.


The application deadline is rolling; please apply at least 30 days prior to the planned residency.


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