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Teachers who enrich their classrooms through imaginative means such as Amateur Radio often must do so at their personal expense. The purpose of the ARRL's Progress Grant is to offer modest financial support to those teachers who are currently using Amateur Radio in their classrooms as an instructional tool and who need financial assistance for specific purposes. The grant is meant to supplement (not supplant) existing resources for such things as Amateur Radio license manuals and instructor guides, station upkeep and maintenance (e.g., replacing a worn cable, equipment repair), upgrades (e.g., replacing a satellite-tracking computer program with an updated version), and various supplies and consumables. Progress Grants have a limit of $500 per school year.



It is the ARRL's hope that through these grants, schools will be able to continue to enhance learning through hands-on practical application of mathematical and scientific principals as applied to wireless communications.


Applicants should complete the following information and return the form to the address indicated at the bottom. The application deadline is November 1, annually.



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